Just doesn’t have fun, i play my yo-yo just this day (a couple of minutes ago), i lacerations…just having fun, but when my last laceration and then insert my finger i was shock, it was a green triangle!
the first word came out to my mouth is Wow!, I can’t believe it!, how did i do that!. Remember i haven’t go to learn tricks in Expert 1 & 2, but it was amazing!, it’s a perfect Green Triangle Laceration!..

(I think it was happen because i watch the Video of Ryosuke Iwasawa in his performance in JN’08.)


Its called a brent stole

They are different, was there a twist in the triangle, and what side did you have to dismount through?

Waddya mean? ??? There’s several triangle lacerations. One is the completely true laceration, where you make the triangle and stick your finger into it in mid air. One of them is a Brent stole. One of them is a two finger-ed Brent stole that Samad can do, and one of them is the wrist whip one that Gerard taught on his site. What he did was most likely a Brent stole, because he was messing around with lacerations, not wrist whips. Not trying to be rude here, just saying.

Also there’s the ninja vanish.

Just to clear things up…

GT Laceration is a general term to describe many different lacerations leading into a Triangle (of the black or green variety).

GT Laceration is also a specific trick. You can see a tutorial here…

There are many other GT Lacerations…
Brent Stole, Ninja Vanish, Flying GT, etc.

I am completely sure that Brent Stole is exactly the same as what Andre teaches.


Brent stole and this looks exaclty the same. He only whips one of the strings on his fingers.

Quote from that link for the gt laceration-- “It’s not necessarily a true laceration”

Not even a laceration.

From what he said the only thing it could possibly be is a Brent Stole.

Correct - that trick is the same trick that Alex created calling it “Brent Stole”

Yes, you are right gm user!
i don’t know how to dismount it, but i just hop the yo-yo in the triangle.
is it right?

After i dismount, there is a knot created in the string.


Pop it out the other way. You’re doing the right thing. Just try to hop it out of the front of the triangle. If you get a knot, hop it out the other side.

Is it correct louisezz that i hold the triangle and hop it up?
i mean in the sides of the triangle i hop it.
not just controlling it by my throw hand.

Yeah, you can hold the triangle and hop it out. Just practice like that, then when you get comfortable, don’t use your throwhand, just use your freehand.