whips and lacerations

for whatever reason, i cannot get the wrist whip, slack trapeeze and laceration consistant. i know how to do them, but i miss the gap alot…any tips?

Practice is the best solution. Just keep trying, and eventually, you will get them consistently.

Also, using a longer string helps with wrist whip.

Try to lead the string in, so when you whip it, you’re aiming the string towards the gap. For laceration, what I do is just move my wrist really quick, sending down a shock wave to direct the string into a loop, and my pointer follows.

mkay, practice it is…what really makes me mad is i keep getting spagetti string, and have to stop to get it out…rrrr

Ah, in the beginning, you will get spaghetti string, it make sure it doesn’t twist, make your whiping motion wider and more pronounced so it doesn’t have the string get too close to each other. For Iron Whip, whip it fast in the beginning if you have this spaghetti string thing and it will prevent it a bit more.

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