Superman help (Part two)

I’ve been having trouble with a move in part two. I’ve learned how to do the magic drop looking move, but popping it into the state it was previously (a regular spirit bomb mount with the yoyo popped into the triangle) is very difficult, as you need to land it on the bottom string. The front string is directly over the bottom string so I miss all the time, not to mention that you also have to land it from the front because if you land it on the back (in towards your body) you get a weird double-wrap where the triangle is, which isnt the right way I’m guessing. Any tips?

I strongly reccomand you practice swinging it onto the bottom string, and then when you get good at that, try popping it. It will be much easier.

I think I got a little closer to landing it, but I still have a lot of trouble. Could it be that I’m not landing the yoyo right? I believe I am, but I just can’t fathom the thought of landing it on the bottom string when the top string is directly above it, and on top of that their separated form each other by about an inch.

Is this the right position?

yah i’m pretty sure. I know it’s a little awkword because the bottom string is behind the top string, and you have to pop it forwords on the bottom string. What i do, is i pop it in the air, then tilt my hands back so the bottoms string is in front of the top string. You have to do this during the pop though.

Thanks, I got it perfectly now. Tilting your hand makes it way easier. Now, the only thing I have left is that last move, I can’t seem to get it down right. The triangle is kind of small and on top of that there is a string that comes from the bottom and divides that triangle into two holes, one hole in the front and one whole in the back. I know it’s the front hole that the yoyo has to go through, I’ve experimented with it by hand and taken the yoyo through it and stuff, it works perfectly. And tips on how to do it?

Well, you may want to manually make the triangle bigger while practicing. Other than that i’d say remember to no let go of the string (the thing your swinging the yoyo with) until after it’s actually through the triangle. Then let go, and it will fly up.