I cant do the part after you pop it through the triangle. I dont know what I am doing wrong. The yo-yo
wont pop off the string. Can some one give me some advice?


This is seriously one of the things where you can do nothing but practice. Make sure you can do Kwyibo well. Accuracy is the thing you need to work on. Practice your accuracy to land into the triangle.


No, the part after you pop it through the triangle when you use your hand to do a magic drop. I can pop it through the triangle easily.


The magic drop is like a normal magic drop, takes practice. Try to make the triangle that you popped through as small as possible, that helps me. Also try to make sure that you hand doesn’t move at ALL. Try to aim the magic drop as close to your throwhand as possible.




put your hand stiff and flat when doing the magic drop part.


Thanks! I just got it.