Superman HELP!!!!

i cant get superman with that last pop. i cant get the wrap to undo. can u help me?? :-\ ???

That was the hardest part of that trick for me too. What yoyo are you using? If you’re using your new breed, that is a very big yoyo. What helped me alot was to use a smaller yoyo if you have one. I learned that trick with my Hitman Pro and Axiom (both undersized) and after I was able to get it with them, I tried with my DM or Protostar, and I got it just fine. So my advice is to try to do it with a smaller yoyo if you have one, or if that’s not possible, just try to do it as slow as you can.

Keep practicing slowly, and it will gradually speed up and look smoother. Good luck. :wink:

Ok, first, tilt your wrists back a little so the yoyo wont crash into the string. Then pop the yoyo up, and put your finger on top of the string directly connected to the yoyo. Then pull that finger downward. Don’t focus on aiming the yoyo, the string will pull the yoyo right to itself most of the time. It will smooth out with time.


Wait, is this the pop that looks like kwijibo? I thought you were talking about the very last one.

i dont seem to remember a kwijibo like pop in superman…

My bad, i started thinking about spirit bomb there for a minut.