Help with And What

Couldnt find much about it when i searched for it, im having alot of trouble popping the yoyo up and recatching it with the extra wrap that will form the triangle. Do i pop it up and go completly under the yoyo and recatch or what happens there?

Instead of taking all the strings and wrapping them around the yoyo, you actually only wrap the bottom string (the one the yoyo was on before you popped it up). Once you pop it, move that string over the yoyo, forward, and then back underneath. Catch the yoyo back on the same string.

Hope this helps!


ur right. andre should have emphasized that more.thanks for sharing that

That’s hilarious because when I learned that trick, I was like wtf? Its not working! But I figured it out haha. Its. A hard move at first. Lol