Please Help! I REALLY want to learn this trick!

Can anyone reccomend a tutorial for the trick at 0:18??

All help would be greatly appreciated!

It’s a variation on a trick called lord of the flies

But a lot of people do it… So does it have like a name or something??


Someone just had to quite this one more time…

Just YouTube search lord of the flies yoyo

oh yeah I do that all the time! not quite like that but still. Its fairly simple if you do follow and slap the slack back it will give that effect.

How did you learn it??

The trick is his own, he made it up himself.

It’s just a variation of the trick lord of the flies, as others have said.

I can’t get it smooth looking for the life of me, forget about more advanced variations xD but some people learn it easier then others, good luck

I can’t remember but I can try and do a tutorial…

I would GREATLY appreciate it of you would.

It’s like everyone who told him to learn “Lord of the Flies” has been completely ignored… hahaha!

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Hah, that’s a friend I see at Contests everynow and then, John. Nice guy

News Flash!
Its a variation of “lord of the flies” :open_mouth:

making a tutorial right now should be out later today or tomorrow depending if i rage quit on editing.

You are awesome.

here you are  ;D one of my worst and only tutorials so enjoy!

Wow, the OP really is ignoring everyone that mentions lord of the flies :stuck_out_tongue:

You know nightshadow… There’s already tutorials on how to do the trick… Like this one :

It’s kind of funny because it was the VERY FIRST result that showed up when I typed in lord of the flies yoyo trick tutorial on google.