Zach Gormely's Tension Slack Trick W/ TUTORIAL on Page 1

Finally figured it out this morning.

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That. Is. Ill.

Nice. Does he do it front style as well?

Teach me.

Btw, is that a Supra? :slight_smile:

Nice. I’m assuming it has to be done front style because of the way it has to reject, correct…?

Or is it really even a rejection…? I’m confused… :smiley:

Looks like a Supra to me.

And yeah, I’m sure we all want a tutorial for that!

Tutorial plz. :slight_smile:

It can be done from either a front throw or a breakaway. Zach does this trick from a breakaway, and I’ve done it with no problems using a front throw.

It is NOT a rejection trick. I don’t know if you can see it well in the video, but after the 2 pops, the yoyo is sitting on a loop that is on the end of my NTH index finger, and wraps around my TH. That loop is what whips around to catch the yoyo.

What causes the loop to whip around is your TH pull the loop on your NTH index finger tightly creating tension or tautness in the string. After pulling the loop tightly you let that loop fall off the end of your NTH index finger. The release of tension causes the string to quickly whip around your TH and continue toward your NTH where you make the catch.

Like shooting a rubber band!

Tutorial, please :smiley:

Reminds me of:

Dude r u sponsored?! I feel like ive seen u somewhere…

It’s the same concept. I think this trick is what Anthony is talking about.

Wait… U didnt make that vid… Duh

Lol i thought u were anthony rojas

I made a quick tutorial that hopefully helps some of you. It meant to give a general idea of how the trick is done. This is also my first tutorial so cut me some slack :wink: Excuse my family noises in the background.


Hahaha I wish I could do some of the tricks Anthony does :smiley:

On my way out the door but definitely bookmarking this for later. Very cool trick that seems to just come out of nowhere!


Please… Tutorial

Leanred it brah, thanks for the tutorial

Sanchez202 used to be sponsored by another yoyo store.