Easy Fixed Axle Tricks

Been trying to come up with some fixed axle tricks lately and figured I’d start a thread on the forum to post some easy tricks. If you’re like me you can get quite overwhelmed with a lot of the incredible stuff that masters like @edhaponik and @EOS44 post, so let’s see those easy but satisfying tricks you’ve come up with! Obviously, the YYE tutorials that Ed did and the Bandalores instagram account are great places to start, but wanted to see what the forum had come up with too.

I’ll kick it off with a fun way to get into a trapeze stall.

  1. Throw a break away like you are going into a 1.5

  2. Bounce off the underside of the front string and redirect

  3. After the bounce give it some slack and let it wind up and mount into a trapeze stall

Here is a SlowMo of it. :point_down:


Gonna try this after lunch!

Btw, you have a very nice kitchen


I love the look/feel of that trick - simple and stylish.


Thanks! I ordered the entire thing from Ikea! It came in approx. 150 boxes and took me about 3 weeks to assemble and instal. I did make the shelves myself though. :grinning:


This is a great idea! Thank you!




Thank you! :pray:

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Not as easy as you make it look! But your explanation is great. I will land this by next week. Thanks again.
Edit afterr failing last night a bunch i just landed the slowest version possible… but a slow :snail: stall still works!


I added a slow mo video too. Hope that helps!
Happy yoyo @AKYOYODR!!!


Yeah, “easy” is always relative…

I can do it now. I like it!

I had as much trouble with the dismount, as the rest, I think. The yoyo didn’t seem to want to come back to my hand to catch it.

For the stall, the tricky part is having the right amount of power in your throw. It has to be hard enough to make the bounce happen, but not too hard for the stall. That made it harder to do it on a responsive bearing throw for me.


Nice! Now let’s see one of your ‘easy’ tricks @Myk_Myk. I know you got a stash of em!


Cool, this is a fun one! (About 6 tries, nailed it…just prior to, smacked knuckles from failed stall). Did this on a bearing modern responsive.


Yes! Super stoked you guys are digging this! I’ll try and post a new one soon!


I don’t know about a stash of "original’ ones, but I’ll try…

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Didn’t you have one called the Lawnmower???

I’m liking this thread. Thanks @TheThrowingGnome !

I’m following “trick a week” for 1A. This thread will help for 0A and at some point I need to find one for 5A. I think I’ll dedicate 1 day a week each for OA and 5A.

As far as OA goes, I’m fairly good at simple stalls. I’m trying to master the “kickflip”. I’ve only hit it once and believe it or not it was with my heaviest fixie, TiSB. I wish I had it on video! My reaction was very much like Markmont landing a kendama trick (I love watching him practice!). I’ve since converted the silver bullet to an unresponsive throw and picket up a Pocket HT (Cherry). The Cherry is bit on the light side but feels very nice. I picked it for the finish and didn’t realize it was so much lighter. It will be what I learn on.

What is everyones go to fixed axle?


That’s like the hardest trick ever conceived! :rofl:


I am nowhere near able to do this “simple” trick yet, but I do find a certain fun, floatiness with the lighter throws, like my Spinworthy Button in oak. You can really see the transition as you put it through its moves — it looks almost like it’s moving in a little slower motion!

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:joy::joy::joy:. LOVE IT!
The sound effects are perfect on this video!!! Thanks for the morning laugh @Myk_Myk!!! I’ll give this a go today.


Yeah, the second one is done with my mouth. I made the sound with my mouth in the first one, but someone also started a saw right at that moment. :grin:

It took me quite a while to make the first one happen.

The second one is much easier. Pretty much have to have the dimples though.

The end is basically the trick “Motorcylce”. I form mine a bit differently, but here’s Dennis McBride teaching it: