Bust a Move Newb Version

On these forums PandaJoe created a thread called bust a move. Some people thought that it was too hard and wanted to make a Newb Version, so here it is. The rules are as follows. I will post a mount video. Then somebody else will post a move from that mount, and so on. I will post the mount, and 3 other moves will be added on. The fifth person will make the dismount, and then everybody can start suggesting names. So yeah, here’s the mount, and good luck!




Good for people that arn’t as good and can’t get PandaJoe’s.


Thanks Evan, I am currently trying to fix the errors in the code, I’m not sure why it did that.

Just post this link and it’ll appear as a video.

Oh, I thought you had to embed it, I’ll try that.

There we go, it’s all good! Bust a Move #2 is officially up and running!

This is also my first yo-yoing vid, is it a good first? Do you think this is a lot easier?

YAY!!! Ill add on as a 3rd step

What do you mean 3rd? Nobody has posted Step 2 yet!

OOOH! ok ill make one ASAP!

Wow I’ll be very happy if that means today! I’m excited to see what you’ve got to add!

It did mean today!


watch white buddha part 2 if you dont get some of it!

Sorry for messing up 4 times at the beginning lol i was havin troubles

Could you explain that in more detail? I don’t understand it with the video. Maybe explain the trick a little bit more instead of telling us to look at the White Buddha tutorial. Also, could you post a pic or something of what it looks like in the end so I know if I’m doing it right? Thanks.

ok, ill use my moms camera, its WAY better than mine, and ill actually talk in it, because i can explain it easily in words not in writing lol

Yes, try wearing a shirt that will contrast your string too, I can’t see it at all.

ha its my camera, its poop. my string is white and im wearing a black shirt, my camera is just crap lol

well, i’ll do the 3rd step then

I still don’t understand the second step!

me neither!

Heres a bettter video, I hope you guys get it now! :slight_smile: