must know how to do this!!!
tutorial is lacking tho, and i can’t download, any help?

keep watching the video i’ll try to break it down for you soon.


You reposted the video he was talking about. You should keep watching the video I learned it from that video. Its harder, but you can do it.  ;D

yea…i’ll try, the tut would be nice tho! ;D


the thing i posted is the tut the other one is just him showing the trick there is no break down in it


Have you gotten it yet??

eh, like on part 3??? i still think i do it wrong because i get my string like…hmm like when you do the white buddha with the laster part with the 1.5 mount, and it slows your string down if you leave it too long…hard to explain

i don’t think your suposed to post links to other websites.