White buddha

Sup, i decide to learn white buddha but i got a problem after spreading out strings and trying to dismount to the left http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4HLx7es9E4 part at 0:33 i always mount upon the farest string … tbh i dont why it looks soo easy to do but i just cant :stuck_out_tongue: any tips ? i


If you can do the part earlier in the trick where you pop the yoyo out of the bucket, you can do this part too. It’s the same thing, just let the yoyo swing around and mount around your freehand index. White Buddha is a weird feeling trick at first, I remember not being able to do that either and now I could probably do White Buddha with my eyes closed.

yea i made a mistake, ofc i have problem with geting out of the bucket

That YYF shirt is pimp

spread the “bucket” as wide as you can, and try to swing the yoyo closer to your throwhand, that’s where the bucket is wider.

o learned that trick this weekend all u really want to do is pop it up streight up then curl in your fingure watch the demo on yye it help more than the slushny demo