Jump rope help

So after learning both white buddha and Yuuki slack, I tried learning and whut next but the jump rope part is really really REALLY hard for me. Any advice ? :slight_smile:

Try not to do a regular slacky jump rope, keep some tension and try to do the rotation with both hands.

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I’ve yoyoed for almost 5 years and can’t consistently do jump ropes :stuck_out_tongue: I know I know, the word you are looking for is pathetic

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The jump rope part of White Buddha was also the most difficult part for me to learn. For me, these thoughts were helpful.

Keep the yoyo close to your throw hand. If it’s centered in the triangle of string then it can move forward or backwards more and I’ll miss landing the jump rope move. This made the biggest difference.

I was making the jump rope “loop” motion too large by bringing the string too close to my body. I was “over looping” that is, moving past the yoyo and missing the landing. It’s a much smaller motion than you think.