Help me finish learning the "And Whut" Trick

Hi, I have just about the whole thing complete except for part 3 at the Jump Rope Hop. I had had the part 1 pretty down pat for a little while but I just decided to go a head and finish piecing the Trick together today. I learned part 2 today and would like to be able to complete the Trick.

I actually did almost get it one time, I can fully do ALL the aspects of the Trick up to the Dismounting out of the first Triangle and His Brother Mount to the Under-Mount that hits the Top String and lands on the Bottom String. Right before the Jump Rope Hop…That’s where I can’t get past because I can’t get the Yo-Yo to reland on the Bottom String after the Hop.

Does anybody have any suggestions or helpful tips for getting through part 3?

Thanks! 8)

The jump rope-esque part is definitely the hardest part of the trick. It’s more of a quick motion. If you take too long you’ll miss it. Make sure to use just the bottom string (it’s more easily done if you spread the strings apart with your thumbs) and make a small hop up and move the string around the yoyo. Don’t try to move the yoyo as much as the string. It’s just a hop that is followed by a circular motion around the string.

The most important part? Practice. Just keep doing it over and over again until you hit it.

Good luck

Okay thank you! Yah, it definitely is the hardest part of the Trick. After I got in there and learned the 2nd part though, it’s already staring to look really neat. This is a cool Trick.