White Buddah...


The other day I decided to go back and try some of the older tricks I learned. Since I use a CLYW yoyo I can’t adjust the gap. So I can’t do the last part anymore. :’( Its not a really big deal because I don’t do that trick much anymore. Just wondering if anyone else is having trouble with that. Cause it was fine when I used my DM. ::slight_smile:


Hey! Don’t give up to learn tricks! If you need help on that, then we can help you!

For your help on the last step of white Buddha: After you’re on the 1 1/2 mount, roll over with your yoyo to the over side, then over-mount the yoyo to hit two strings. Use your throwhand index finger to release the loop and the string that wrapped around the bearing will go away, and there you have it!

Happy Throwing! =]


It’s a lot more difficult with extremely unresponsive yoyos with large gaps. My only tip would be to open the loop up a bit more before letting it go into the gap for the ending. Experiment with different sized loops and see if you can find something that works well. Hope that helps!


Using the bigger loop helps, but most of the time the loop just slides though the gap. I’ve also tried pulling the loop though the yoyo faster and slower, and that still doesn’t help.


Did you read my original post? I learned this trick a while ago. Since I’ve been using my BvM though, its to unresponsive to do the binding knot at the end. I can’t adjust the yoyo at all. I was just wondering if anyone else had trouble with this, or if it was just me.


Well with my L3 I don’t have any troubles. I just make the loop really long and I usually actually kill the yoyo.