my yoyo keeps on dying whenever i do the second swing onto four strings.

Practice your throw.
Make it a lil’ bit faster.
Are you using a new yoyo, if yes then your bearing might need some breaking in.
But a good practice on the trick and throw is a big help.

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what yoyo are you using? that happens with my dm because the gap is small, but it works fine with my yyf primo or peak. it have something to do with your gap.

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Happened to your dm? Widen the gap or do the very helpful practice. Never happened to mine, even on my small gapped throws.

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well my dm is the only one that i play resp. with. so that and the small gap slowes the spin even when i throw it well

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Widen the gap by adjustingor putting shims in.

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thanks guys…I guess I should work on my throw and widen my dm’s gap.

No, just work on your throw and do the motions smoothly. Once the yoyo get up there, drop the strings so it doesn’t snag.

You should be able to do this trick on any yoyo on any gap size.

I’m just suggesting of widening the gap but yeah practice throwing and the motions, with practice you could pretty much do it on yoyos with wide or narrow gaps.

I can do this on my FAST 201 stock, and pretty much any of my yoyo’s . I like to do it on loopers a lot, it makes people go, “WTF?!” The biggest thing that helped me when learning this was to make sure that my hands weren’t crooked, AND, when landing the yoyo backwards onto the strings, make sure your finger is as close as possible to the yoyo. So, needless to say, I disagree that it has anything to do with a gap size. just keep practicing it, you will get it :smiley:

yep, thats when yoyojam adjustable gaps come in handy ;D

i just tried on my duncan imperial, dang it didnt work :’(

try to get the string rapped around the strigs really fast it will work i use tje dark magic konkave bearing and its insanley good really fast

No offense, but yousuck. You use imperials for looping tricks.

I think he was joking around…