Mach 5 help

when ever i get to the part where you bring your non-throw finger over the throw finger, my yoyo keeps on hitting me. Can someone plz help me? I don’t think my fingers could take much more of this.
(my yoyo is DM)

make sure the yoyo aint slacking. Pull your fingers further apart to prevent the string from slacking and snagging, or it will return. Nvm. I’ve tried, it doesn’t. If you’re using a dm, it just means that you have a knot. learn atomic bomb and split the atom if you haven’t first, it helps.

im started yoyoin 3 weeks ago and got it first try you prob have a not and watch the vid agian :wink:

Also, try to evenly spread out your fingers evenly.

It sounds like it’s hitting your fingers because it’s binding with the string, and then suddenly coming up on you. That’s because you have a ‘responsive’ yo-yo (check out the vid on responsiveness). The DM has an adjustable gap. This means you can unscrew the two halves of your yo-yo to make it less responsive. Try twisting them 1/4 or 1/2 turn back from fully tightened. Anywhere between there and 2 turns will get to a very unresponsive yo-yo.

Be careful - sometimes the adjustable gaps aren’t tight and the yo-yo comes apart completely. This would be bad ™. I’ve heard putting clear nail polish on the axle can help. Don’t bother doing that unless you have problems playing with it when it’s untwisted.

Good luck!

try widening the gap

Make sure your gap isn’t over-tightened, this also happened to me. Hope this’ll help. :slight_smile:

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