hey im using a YYJ fiesta and sometimes when im gonna throw it gets stuck on the end like theres a knot… but there isnt

any help?

this was a problem for me to try using a different string

Does it continue to spin or does it just die?

Loosen the yoyo. Happens to me, by loosening and tightening it makes the gap smaller or larger, if you tighten it all the way it become way too snaggy and does what you described.

Slightly loosen the yoyo and pull the string.

I had this problem also when i started. I tried all the suggestions and nothing really fixed it. All i can say is the longer you play, the less it occurs; its purely a practice thing. Try to pay attention when binding, thats where the problem starts

My friend suffered from this problem for weeks. First we made the yoyo gap slightly bigger which didnt help. We than changed the string which made slight improvement, next I corrected his way of winding the string making sure he always wound it the correct way and had thestring on top when he throw it. Those things did help slightly but what really fixed it was working on his throw. He was a little cautious of throwing it to hard and toward the end he pulled back a bit. Once he worked on his throw everything else came into place.

First, what kind of string are you using? Thick string isn’t a good idea on this yoyo. But that in and of itself isn’t the issue. It can be a problem, but that’s not what you’re experiencing here. In the meantime, I do suggest popping a fresh Type 6 100% polly.

2nd, it’s your bind. Just keep working on it. You’re throwing too much string into the gap. It’s whipping around too much and that’s what’s causing the “knot”. It’s whipping around the string tied to your finger, not around the axle so much.

This happened no matter what 4A throw I used. Aquarius, Fiesta XX, Big Yo, Go Big, Hayabusa, Griffin Wing, Go Big… same problem. With different bearings and responses but the problem still there, the only common factor was me.

Ignore the advice to loosen the yoyo up. That’s not the issue.

Keep at it. You’re working through something. Literally. I just went through this. Just throw, bind. Repeat. It’s annoying, it’s repetitive, but it’s what you need. Now I’m finding I’m getting massive spin times/sleeps and I’m starting to get back into trying tricks again in 4A.

Hes not using an OG fiesta…hes using an XX, which means, no Adjustable gap.

Studio has it right, Its the throw and bind…I think I helped him on chat around last night…let’s see if that helped…The throw matters, as well. I only snagged like his situation when I pulled down with my non throw hand before the yo-yo popped off. It makes a bind, weird as that sounds. Like regens, but not intentionally. Also, like I mentioned, Don’t put your non throw finger in the way too soon, or else this may occur as well. And like Studio said, it depends on the yo-yo and string for when you perform the Finger placement. I always practice when I get a new 4A throw, because each response and yo-yo is different. Just be careful and practice.