Why does this happen after I bind?

Does it have to do with string tention being to much? Also after I bind sometimes I’ll go to throw and it will go down maybe a foot and shoot back up at me. Is this cause I’m binding wrong or is this again cause my string tension is too much. I appreciate any feed back. :smile:

Yup, that shouldn’t happen.

Make sure that your string tension is nice and even, and that when you bind, you make sure to pinch the loop and watch it grab the response as you lower it. By doing that you can make sure you’ll get a clean bind.

Just keep practicing, you’ll get them perfect in no time. :slight_smile:

I found that every time something went wrong with the yoyo, like a throw, and it messes up. Comes back at you. It usually due to string tension. Almost alot of the times its due to string tension. So id recommend watching it when you practice. Hope this helped.

I will keep strong tension in mind then. Thanks!

When things get sloppy, the loose binds sometimes leave a loop out that flaps around the yoyo creating that knot.

String tension is one thing but clean binds is another.

One thing which really helped me when I was learning to bind, was to flick the string toward the yoyo with my non-throwhand while unpinching it instead of just releasing the pinch. Work on neutral string tension and tight binds. They are pretty much paramount. Good luck.

I teach people who are still working to master a perfectally clean bind to do whats in this video.  IF you pinch with your offhand and drag back with your throwhand, you will more likely get a clean bind.  If you are doing the ‘toss it into the gap’ technique, there is a lot more room for the loop to wrap around and catch.

Yep, a loose bind is the problem here, there is an extra loop of string where your NTH was that’s whipping around and wrapping the string. Practice is really gonna help with that, and what I did is do the noobie bind until you get the fundamentals

That’s exactly what I was going to say. I’m working on a trick where if I don’t throw the final move fast enough to clear the mount It’s in then the string flaps around and I will get.that exact knot. If I bind with my loop to big or especially if I accidentally pull the bind loop to the side I will get that knot.