Bind problems.

Hey guys.

Whenever I try to do a bind, no matter which, when it returns to my hand, theres a line of twisted string hanging out of the centre of the yoyo. The rest of the string is rolled up normally, but theres this line of twisted string. If i then try to throw it straight after binding, with the twisted string hanging out, it jams mid-throw and just stops. I then have to untangle it and wind it up normally.

And then repeat.

I’ve tried 2 different types of string, more than one of each.
Really really annoying me. I can’t yoyo like this.

I’m playing a YYF Velocity if it helps, with the stock string or some Chaos 122 strings.

Please help.
Thanks - DreadAlert.

You will learn to bind cleaner with time. Smaller loop=less tangle

You can dial it to be less grippy if you want to.

i know, but I even do small loops sometimes with a backspin trapeze bind, but it still twists! >:(

The binding loop thingy is too big, so it gets tangled like that

The twist is due to string tension and there will pretty much always have a loop sticking out somewhere. The string sticking out is not much to worry about unless it starts to get in the way of throwing.

It really is.
If I throw, bind, and then throw again, that second throw doesn’t work. I have to wind up, and then repeat.

Really annoying.

It might just be getting stuck from a large loop are bad string tension. I would see if the tension is good and avoid large loops. Also, try throwing more than that second time.

I can’t throw more than the two times without winding it because after it gets stuck on the second one, I have to untangle the string.

And my string tension is fine. I’ll straighten it out, try again, but it still messes up. :frowning:

Try making the loop smalling but by making it smaller you have to snap it down harder to make it bind.

mine does that somtimes to its just a matter of were the yoyo is on the string when you bind

basically this has happened to every person who has ever done a bind
try either making the bind smaller
or just keep practicing

Pinch the string when you bind.

Where has it got to be for the bind to work properly?

There really is no specific place it needs to be to be successful. It seems that everyone binds just a little different. There are just way to many variables to give super specifics. Unfortunately the only advice I can give is the same as you have heard already. Try to bind with a smaller loop of string. Back binds usually tend to snag and knot up much less then forward spin binds. Binding is like anything else. Practice will make you much better at it. Keep at it and you will be binding without snags in no time.

well reayll its just practice. later on with practice you’ll nevwr have the same problem
For binding:

For string tension:

Hand winding is so boring: