Having Trouble With One And A Half Mount...

When I get the yoyo lined up with the string, the yoyo just bounces off when I try to go under and over.

Am I doing any thing wrong? Or do I just need practice?

The yoyo is a Dark Magic, and the gap is as wide as it goes.

Visual aid ;):

Any help would be great!

You have to give the string some slack when the yo-yo hits the string to allow it to continue around. Instead of having the string tight when the yo-yo hits, kind of loosen it up a little to let it go over your finger.

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Move your freehand upwards a bit. That should loosen up the string a bit.

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You need to give some slack as well as moving your throwhand a bit.

Right when the yoyo is coming up to hit the string, use your throwhand to pretty much draw an imaginary half pipe over and around the yoyo.
As you do this, allow a bit of slack on the string.
This is how I learned to land it.

Sounds like a bit to take it, but you will get it.
Practice makes perfect!

Good luck!



Huh? ;D

EDIT: Hey! I did it! :smiley:

Thanks to everyone who helped!

Hey, JAYYO IS BACK!!! ;D ;D ;D