Help with 1 1/2 mount.

When I do the 1 1/2 mount when the yoyo comes around your throwhand the second time were it hits the string and comes around your finger the string stays taut and the yoyo won’t go over.

If you’re keeping the string really tight it will bounce off. Relax the string.

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Do you mean pull my hands closer?

Not really. Make sure you’re not pinching any of the strings, first of all, and that they’re just resting on your fingers.

Second, when you’re learning, at least, I find it really useful if you take your non-throwhand and pull it upwards, so the string you’re going into is vertical. This way, the yoyo just sort of falls over your finger. Once you get the hang of this feel after a while, try it horizontally, and doing it “properly” will just feel natural.


Thanks. That’s what I was trying to say.

Sweet! I just landed it with the string upright!

Good man!

if you want the string tight or you cant loosen the string, push your throw hand towards your non-throw hand. hop i helped