Having trouble with the 1/2 mount

When I throw a breakway and loop it around my fingers like I am going to do a Double or Nothing, but try to do a 1/2 mount instead, it wont’ loop around my right index finger. I try to flip it around my right index finger but it just hits my finger and wont loop around it. Any tips? ???

just bring it around your throwhand finger, and stop. then bring it into a 1.5 mount, then just work up to doing it fast.

good luck.

It’s alot like the split bottom mount you have to move our finger a little. For a split bottom mount you move your non throw hand under the yo-yo. It’s just the same for a one and a half mount

I would first just plain try to land it. You really have to move your hands with the yoyo at first to get the momentum to flip past the string.

when i first started learning it, my big problem was that the string was too tight between my hands so when the yoyo hit the underside of the string, instead of going over my finger, it would just bounce off of the taught string. the way i got around this was to bring my hands slightly closer together at just the right moment when the yoyo was about to go around my finger. it momentarily creates the slack needed get into the mount.

it sounds like you might be having the same issue… give it a try.

There are a few things to remember when learning 1.5 mount:

-Do not keep the top string to tight the moment you land the yoyo onto it.
-Do not try to do it as fast as possible, you will learn that with time
-Try to stop for a minute when you’ve gotten around your throwhand pointer, gives you time to focus even more

i couldn’t get at first so i tried putting on some thin glove and i was able to get it easier then with practice i got it down you might want to try it

Yup, the string between my index fingers had too much tension. I practiced moving my hands closer when the yoyo is about to hit the top string.

Make sure when u go into it that u bring your non-throw hand in a little bit so the yoyo has some room to roll over into the mount… Hop this helps… :wink: