I need help

Right now i am trying to progress my yo yoing skills but am being held back by one little mount I cant seem to figure out this mount is the one and a half mount when ever I try I the yoyo always seems to either catch on my finger or bounce off my string can anyone help me?

If the yo-yo is bouncing off the string you just need to give it a little slack right as the yo-yo hits it - just move your non-throw hand in slightly when the yo-yo hits and it’ll roll right over your throw hand finger.

unfortunately… it’s just going to be a lot of practice to get this one right.


in the meanwhile, as a workaround, you can try by first landing a trapeze, then sticking your throwhand’s forefinger into the trapeze loop, and pushing the yoyo into the string closest to your throwhand.

should get you into a 1.5 mount nice and easy.

the text description’s kinda convoluted, but I hope that helps! :slight_smile: