stuck on one and a half mount

well if pretty much finsihed intermidate and i need help on one and a half mount
it bounces off the top string is there any way to stop this from happening :-\

thanks in advance

A good habit to get into is to bring your hands together a little bit when you are hitting the yoyo into the top string, this allows the yoyo to push up the top string and go over you pointer landing in a nice one and a half mount.

another method for getting into the mount is to throw a trapeze then take you throw hand pointer put it into the loop that is formed and pull you hands apart, this movement pops the yoyo into the one and a half mount as well.


this is how i learned pull the string thats attached to the yoyo so there is not much string bring the strings that are like a double or nothing down and put the yoyo on the top one and them make them even good luck i was stuck on it too u can do it

I got just the thing. Basically you need to let the string slack a little bit so it doesn’t bounce off. Just practice that part and not with the through. Then you can through and bring it up to the part were the yo hits the string. Don’t worry about getting it smooth. Just practice mcbride rollercoaster and stuff like that and you’ll get into it smooth without even knowing it.

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I’ve got it now i just need to work on geting it fast ;D

trust me that will work itself out. I practiced mcbride rollar coaster and didn’t even realize i had started to get in it smooth until someone commented on it.

When I was learning 1.5s, it seemed that it was easier to position my hands so there is an angle in the string and it’s not completely horizontal. Kind of hard to explain.

Generally, keep your throw hand lower than your non throw hand. Is that the angle you are refering to?


loosen ur hands a little, dun get it 2 tight. that way, it wont bounce

give some slack when it hits the top string, it should then fall into the mount nicely… the key is givng the slack at the right time

make slack a little bit on the top string

When ur doing a half mount when it hits the string just tilt the yoyo and string to where you swung it hope it helps :slight_smile: