1 1/2 Mount

Everytime i do 1 1\2 mount it hits the top string but instead of going into a 1 1\2 mount,it lands on the bottom string like the mount used in the begining of white buddha.please help

when it hits the top string make sure it goes all the way around your finger. you can also try to kinda swing into there.
another thing to remember is to keep your hands level and spaced apart.
Good Luck!

As the yoyo is about to hit the top string, bring your hands together to give the string some slack. That is most likely your problem.

I find it helpful to bring my non-throwhand slightly above my throwhand when it hits the string.

I did this in this video at around 0:59-1:02

Amento’s tutorial:

1 & a Half Mount from Gerard Amento on Vimeo.

if you want, you can try short cuts, but i recomend you learn it eventualy. my favorite short cut is to do the split-bottom mount and then drop my non throw hand. then i shift to the side and pick up the one string that i dropped sideways. then i swing the yoyo up to the left (im right handed) and that is it.

you can also look at the cold fusion tut.

How is that shorter? Sounds like a long cut to me.

When the yo-yo hits the top string there needs to be some slack up there so the momentum of the yo-yo can grab it and go around your throw-hand pointer finger.

To do this, you have to bring your hands closer together as this happens.

when it hits string dont hyave hands so tight the string wont budge be loss and it should just swing over in to 1/2 mount

Is this an attempted summary of what’s already been said or…?