I need help on the one and a half mount
does anyone have any advice? ??? ;D ??? ;D

Try searching the forum. There’s lots of useful information is some other topics where people have the exact same problem.

Make sure not to hold the top string really tight or else the yoyo will hit it and just bounce off.

You also have to get used to the feel of going to the side a bit to hit the top string instead of going all the way around into a double or nothing. It might just take a while to learn, but you will get it.

you actually make a little slack when the yoyo hits the string from the bottom or it will bounce off. also, you may want to tilt your hands slightly vertically. it just seemed to help me when i learned it.

A trick I learnd on how to get into a 1 and a half mount is to make a trapeze, put nyour T H pointer into the loop around your NTH pointer , bringing your hands together then in a fluid motion move your TH apart and the yoyo should hit the top string and go around your TH pointer ending in a one and a half mount.

This description sounds complicated but the motion is really easy.