one and a half mount help

hey guys um i am having trouble with the one and a half mount and hers my problem. The part that i have down is when the yoyo comes around my fingers twice when it looks like it will go into a double or nothing. So now i have the yoyo hanging there. I have no clue what to do next. I NEED HELP.

hit the yoyo into the string farthest away from you, as the yoyo hits the string, give the string a little slack while still keeping the momentum, then you will land in a 1.5 mount

Also, an alternative way to get into a 1.5 mount is to put both fingers in the trapeze loop, pop the yoyo into the air into the top of the loop while slacking the string as the yoyo hits it.

It goes into the string in front of you. The one the yoyo is hanging off of.

thanks for the advice guys it really helped. :smiley:

Hope it’s coming along okay. If it isn’t, I did this video a while back exaggerating the motion. It’s easiest to practice from trapeze and practice getting the wrap around.