One and a half mount


I can only land my one and a half mount 2 out of 5 tries most of the time. I’ve benn practicing it for 4 days now.

Any help?


Depends. What’s happening on the misses? Are you missing everything entirely? Hitting both strings? Something else?



Well the 1.5 mount can be a bit hard at 1st , i recommend that when the yoyo hits the string , loosen your non throw hand a bit . That way the 1.5 mount can be done easily .

you can actually see in Andre videos that he’s actually moves his nth a bit closer every time he does the 1.5 mount .

Or there’s another way to get into the 1.5 mount , do a cross-arm trapeze just like in the Kwijibo then roll the yoyo over your throwhand :slight_smile: .

Hope this tip helps !


For me, that cross-arm trapeze is about twice as difficult than a 1.5 mount! However, your mileage may vary.


Try breaking it down and doing it step by step. Go from a trapeze, then pop the yoyo over your throwhand pointer with a bit of slack so it hangs over a bit, then adjust the placement of the string on your pointer so you’ve got room to work with, then swing into the 1.5 mount. Keep breaking it down until you’re comfortable and have the movement down and then go a little bit faster every time until you’ve got it all down in one motion.

Hope that helps. Happy throwing!



That’s how i learn 1.5 mount when i 1st started :smiley:


EDIT. Practice same thing happened to me!


Land a trapeze then from there go to the 1 and a half tell u get the feel of it, Good luck