Any Tips For a 1 1/2 mount


been really struggling partly becuase i just dont understand it that much i mean its hard to let it go around and cut slack on the string at the sam time. I am just starting as a advanced yoyoer and really need help starting out any tips


I think this question should be in the tricks forum, but anywho:
Try getting into a trapese and transferring into 1.5 mount from there instead of going directly into it. That’s what helped me.


Also make sure you move your non throw hand towards your throw hand when the yoyo starts to go around your hand. To allow the slack to form.
It took me a while to learn this mount. Just keep practicing and you will get it.


Try this first: Trapeze, put your throwhand index finger in the loop so both index fingers are in there. Pull your hands apart quickly, launching the yoyo upwards into the top string, and because of where the strings are, it will be pulled to your right (or left if you’re left handed) and end up in a 1.5. This should get you the feel for the 1.5 mount so it can be easier when you try to do it the real way.