I need 1.5 mount help!

For the past week I keep trying to land it but it doesn’t work. I know how to do it, it’s just I can’t do it. I’m having trouble with the half mount part when you swing the yoyo to land it, but when I swing it, it just bounces back down. :’(

Try pushing into the sting alittle not too hard

If I do, I miss epicly. :-[

no worries bro you’ll get it in time. The yoyo is bouncing down probably because you dont have enough momentum to make the yoyo swing over your finger. rock the yoyo a little to get some momentum and then BAM! swing it over. you might miss but accuracy will come in time (with practice)

Relax the top string.

^yes. Perhaps put your hands just a tiny bit closer together to release some of the tension, giving less resistance to the yo-yo pushing up against it.

keep a little more tision on the top string it helped me alot

Practice makes perfect! (Y)

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Try this:

  1. Throw a double-or-nothing.
  2. Do the first underpass in cold fusion.
  3. Drop the first string on your non-throwhand index finger.

There! You should be in a 1.5 mount!

But that doesn’t help him learn to do the 1.5 mount.