Alternative way to get into 1 1/2 mount?

Is there any other way to get into a One and a Half mount?

yes, split bottom mount is on and a half mount in front of you or you can whip the yoyo into one and a half mount

Kwijibo then you flip it over.

Well if you’re looking for an easier way, I can’t really personally help you there, but:

I figured out a cool flashy way to get in a 1 1/2 mount. What you do is start with a trapeze, pinch the loop with your non-throwhand, and swing it over just like in Yuuki Slack. Only don’t catch it in the double or nothing-ish mount like normal. As the slack swings over, let the loop go off your non throwhand, and catch that suicide loop with your throwhand index. Then you got yourself a 1 1/2 mount. I call it Yuukicide 1.5! (I’ve been throwing that trick for like 2 months now but literally just made that name up like 5 seconds ago lol 8))

This way is probably the easiest. Throw a trapeze. Stick your throwhand index finger into the loop where your non-throwhand index is. Put your non throwhand index between the loop and and the string connected to your throwhand finger. Swing to your throwhand side and there you go.

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you can do a cold fusion move from double or nothing to one and a half mount,

trapeze > put your throwhand index in the loop > Pop the yoyo up and over your throwhand

I would reccomand this one, also, i do it a lot from a double or nothing. Just throw it into the front/top string like in cold fusion (you don’t have to weave it into the second string), and that will put you into a 1.5.

Magic Drop then flip the yo-yo over to a 1 1/2 mount.

Wrist mount, hit the string that goes over your wrist, then do the last move of bhudas revenge

i think that u can whip into a 1 and a half mount

1.5 laceration ;D

1.5 Hook

cold fusion part 1