One and a half mount troubles

So I’ve learned Matrix, Eli Hops, and Cold Fusion. However I can only get the One and a Half Mount by doing it the Cold Fusion way. I have never learned how to do it the proper way. When I try doing it the proper way, the yoyo seems to bounce off the string it is suppose to hook on, rather than hooking it and wrapping it around my pointer finger. Any tips?

Right when the yoyo hits the string from underneath, bring your hands together a little to cause some slack to form, which will allow the yoyo to continue swinging into a 1.5 mount. If the string is taut, the yoyo will just hit it and bounce back downwards. Hope this helps.

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Perfect. Thanks mate.

If you are at the point where you can hit the string, you will get it in no time with the hand movement mentioned.

Move your non throw hand a little higher too, that helped me

This one was initially counter intuitive to me as well, you should get it rather quickly as mentioned above. Within 3 days of consistent practice. I don’t like to say some things will be easy for you when all the different players are working on different tricks but, the Mounts should come intuitive rather quickly. The Wrist Mount was the one I REALLY had trouble comprehending at first and now I can SB rather good.

Also, you mentioned you can do Cold Fusion. That is a wonderful place to start with this mount and learning it if you already have Cold Fusion down because that trick does end transitioning from a 1.5 Mount. It sounds like you’re only missing the string off the initial hook, you’ll probably be onwards towards Buddha’s Revenge soon enough. Give it patience.

You probably are just holding your strings to stiff put some slack in your string when you do it and that should help