1.5 mount

is there anyone who can give me a tut. on this trick, because whenever i try to do it, it either misses the string, or hits the string and bounces straight back D:

here ya go hope this helps ;D


loosen the string that the yoyo hits,then it shouldn’t bounce back. For the missing, you will just need to practice ;D

It helps to practice from trapeze and to angle your throwhand down. I tried to exaggerate the motion here: http://www.vimeo.com/14019510

Hitting the string consistently is just a matter of practice. There aren’t really that many tips that can be given to help with that.

For the issue of your yoyo bouncing off of the string, try bringing your hands slightly closer together immediately when the yoyo hits the string. That will give the yoyo enough slack to sort of swing into the mount instead of just hitting a tight string.