1 1/2 Mount

Whenever I try to land a 1 1/2 Mount, coming up, trying to catch it on the string, it always misses. More specific, It is too far away from me. So, when I’m in the delayed double or nothing, I try to bring it up in the string and back over, It always misses too far out. Even when I align and straighten out the yoyo and the string so it looks like it would catch on, it misses. Any advice on how to fix that? ???

Hi, try learning Buddha’s Revenge to get used to the 1 1/2 mount. It also helps to hold your non-throwhand over your throwhand as the yoyo swings into the mount as this is the first part in Buddha’s Revenge. As for your misses, try swinging the yoyo closer to your body when it goes into the mount. Hope this helps

I used to have the same problem as you. What I do is I aim closer towards myself because just going straight it always landed on the outside.

Just try to place the front string to the end of the index finger.

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Thanks for all your help, the tips are working. But, whenever it comes up into the string, the string just hits the yoyo back down. Any suggestions?

i have a grooved ball bearing but what does that have to do with why the string hits the yoyo back down? ??? ??? ???

In that case, you need to get straighter with your throws, and make sure it lines up as it goes around your fingers.

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This imo is the hard part of the 1 1/2. You need to move your throwhand towards your other hand just as the yo-yo is about to touch the string. It puts some slack in your string and allows the yo-yo to go up and over your finger. When the yo-yo passes over your throwhand, and swings under, you need that slack!

I couldn’t get this to land for about a week, and kept trying it over and over. Drove me nuts. Soon you’ll be able to land it without a second thought!

McBride’s Rollercoaster has more details on the 1 1/2. Looks like he moves his non-throwhand closer to give the slack. Watch it closely!

Here Samad’s video.

Rmbr have a straight throw and keep the string short

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Focus on hitting the top string by lining it up. This helps if you focus.

i has that trouble to what you do is when its going around and your almost there in the mount the when the yoyo hit the top stringsont tighten it so much bbut dont give a big slack just let loose abit and that will alouth the yoyo to travel hit the string and go over into a 1.5 mount hope that helped