1.5 Mount Help

When I try the 1.5 mount it just bounces back off the string. Please Help!

I think we had a thread exactly like this not long ago. Never mind. The yoyo is likely to bounce off if you keep that string too tight. Try to make that string a bit more slack the exact moment that the yoyo hits it. Then the yoyo will probably go around your finger.

yeah, when you swing it around your throwhand onto the string, move your hands a little closer together to get that slack

Adding on to Pheenix’s point, I think when the string is about to go around your finger, it helps to move your body and arms over when the strings hit. Also, make sure you take it one step at a time - First, throw your breakaway, around once, then line up the strings, then mount it, using the body movement technique.

In case any of those don’t help you, here is a video to aid you in other ways:

Kind of lighten up on your nonthrowhand so it doesn’t bounce off a rock. Let some slack in there.