Help with 1.5 mount!!

Please help me learn the 1.5 mount

What’s your problem

When I swing the yoyo onto the string I either miss or it bounces right off. Please help!

There’s not much anyone can do to help.

Don’t miss, and don’t bounce it off the string. :wink:

If it wasn’t obvious or the tutorials didn’t explain this, you HAVE to give slack in order for the yoyo to do that loop around your throwhand forefinger. As it’s going up to hit the string, bring your hands closer together to make that top string loose enough! The laws of physics dictate that it would be impossible to do a 1.5 mount unless you give it this slack.

Watch a tutorial of them doing the 1.5 and even if they don’t say it out loud, you’ll see that their hands move closer together as the yoyo goes around that finger.

^^^Great advice and I’d like to add that you should spread the two strings apart with your nth index and thumb; it helps distinguish the strings for lack of a better term

Thanks guys


I found it easiest to think about it similar to a bind. When I’m binding, I feel like I have a taught string, but need to allow enough slack for it to swing around the finger. Applying this feeling to 1.5 allowed me to learn it quicker than I thought once I had the general movement and string alignment down.

Ok thanks I’ll try it out


I just got this trick down you got to slide hands close when it’s swinging around so it becomes slack.