Hey guys, I was not sure were to put this. I need some help with my 1/2 mount. I understand what I have to do but I can’y physically do it. Any tips?


Do you know how to do an undermount with your non-throwhand?

It’s basically like that, but the string is undermounting under your throw hand.

Could you please be specific? I’m not really sure what the problem is.



I understand that you are supposed to give the string slack as the yoyo hits it but I just can’t seem to do it. What do you mean an under mount with my non-throw hand?


Do it just using your pointer fingers. No pinching the string at all from the time you throw the yoyo. This may or may not be your problem.



After you do the first wrap around your non throwhand pointer fingers ,try to pull it and what is does that it make the strings shorter on your Throwhand pointer finger . that way the yoyo can definetely land in the yoyo like an Under mount ( aka Upside down Trapeze ) but give it a little slack so the yoyo won’t tilt or bind back to your hand .


It may also be easier to go extremely slow when first starting it. I used to practice going from a trapeze then i’d just slide the yoyo down so it was close to my TH and then just do a small hop over my TH finger. As you go to hop it over your TH finger you should bring your hands closer together so it gives the string some slack so its able to land in the 1.5 mount.