I’ve been practicing for a week and I cant get the split-bottom mount anything helps thanks!


go into the brain twister mount, put your finger in the middle of the “loop” and then roll forward. should bring you to it until you can land it! good luck!


Don’t pinch any of the stings. This constricts the flow of the string and makes it harder to do the under motion I am about to explain. So, you’ve just pushed your non-throw hand into the sting out of a gravity pull. Now when you take your throw hand down to put the yoyo into the mount, you need to use the momentum of you swinging your hand into the string to have your hand swoop under the yoyo. I have found that instead of trying to swing the yoyo onto the string it is much easier to swing the string under the yoyo. Sorry if this is a bit confusing. The yoyo will only move a little bit. It is your hand that ends up doing all the moving.

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When your trying to land the yoyo onto the string, put your finger closer to the yoyo (but not too close otherwise your yoyo will spin out).


it could take a few days… just keep at it…


It is just like binding except for there is another string to the right. knowing how to bind really helps