Split Bottom mount

i need some help with the split bottom mount are whaterver you call it. When i do it usually doesn’t work

Just watch the video a few more times. Get the movements down.

It takes a lot of practice.

I hope this helps!


Here is a tip when trying to get into a split bottom mount. Use the thumb of your throw hand to keep the string out of your way. This was my problem when I was learning this mount that other string would get in the way. Good luck and keep practicing.

Yes, lots of practice.

Just try anything that’s comfortable with you to get the yo-yo to land on the bottom string correctly.

After that it’s mainly just practice…

Interesting… I agree with fellavader… Getting the string out of the way is my big problem. I tried the thumb thing and it was too complicated for me.

My solution is to curl my string finger in (like a fist) and push my pointer finger into the string as it comes down. Curling the finger gets the string out of the way and pushing the string hand pointer in helps guide the yoyo to the string…

Try it and see if it helps.

Practice is the key.


think of it as a backwards trapeze once you got the top out of the way… pm me with whats going on so that i can help some more

I used to had the same problem as you. You need slack, practice, and not too much of a space on the mount, like trapeze. You can sort of inch the space bigger once it’s landed.

practice, practice, practice! yoyoing, like playing a musical instrument,skateboarding, etc improves with repetition. keep at it bro.

Make sure you have the string attached to your middle finger and not your index…

I had trouble learning the split bottom mount until someone told me:

the string that you dont want it to land on… keep it out of the way hold it like a triangle kinda

its on my index

You mean the string loop is tied around your index finger? That’s bad; it’s supposed to be around your middle finger.

Yeah your suppose to have the string loop tied on your middle finger, not your index.

Also, like said before, make sure that the string that is above the string that your landing on is out of the way. Once you have that done, make sure that the yoyo is lined up with the string that you will be catching it on perfectly. Then just do it like it’s a backward bind/trapeze. Then practice, and repeat.

Once you throw with it on your middle finger, things will seem much much easier.

I already do throw it with me middle finger. i accidently said i throw with it on my index. i throw it with the loop on my MIDDLE FINGER