Spilt Bottom Mount

Hey guys, I need some help on the Spilt Bottom Mount. Please Help!!!
I keep missing the string.

yeah when i first tried it i either missed the string or when the yo came over my finger it was to close and hit it! try taking it slow, get ur none throw hand pointer about 3/4 inches away from the yoyo, and instead of going all the way over kinda stall it and bounce it a few times them go all the way over!
hope that helps in bad at explaining things lol!

practice swing the yoyo over your finger at first worked for me and now split bottom is my best mount

The closer your finger is to the yoyo, the easier it will be.

Before you are ready to land on the string, use your left hand to move up and you right hand to move forward, do it STRAIGHTLY!!!

Happy Throwing! =]

Try letting the yo-yo swing into the mount, don’t worry if you do not get it the first time. Just don’t force the yo-yo into the mount, let the string that is hanging from your non-throwhand swing like if you were doing rock the baby, then intercept it with your throwhand an let the yo-yo swing into the mount.

Hope this helps ;D

Trying to go smooth helps too. If you punch at it, its going to be really hard.