Split Bottom Mount Help

So I’m starting to get into new tricks and I really need help on my Split Bottom Mount… every time I try to swing the yo-yo onto the string, the string on my middle finger (on my throw hand) gets in the way. Is there a place where my throw hand should be so that the string doesn’t stop the yo-yo from getting onto where it’s supposed to (when it swings onto the other string) so that I can complete the Split Bottom Mount ???

ps: I’m practicing this with a yyf whip …

thanks guys ;D

Hmm if you’re right handed, curl in your middle finger and have it slightly to the right. It’ll really just take a lot of practice, and you’ll get it down to where you don’t even have to look at it. but you do want it slightly of the right so the string doesn’t catch.

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I have no problem with the split bottom mount now, but I was doing like you were doing.

1: Practice.

2: You just have to learn how to keep the string out of your way. That’s what the practice is all about.

3: STRAIGHT throw. Very important. Tilt will cause problem.

4: Throw hard. If you have to compromise straight over hard, go with straight. Then hard will follow.

5: Have fun!

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I have the habit of my thumb moving the string out of the way. Try that.

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The more you do it, the less you will have these problems, so just keep at it. I know it seems like there should be some special trick to it, but there really isn’t. Just do it a lot.

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Thanks everyone ;D

it seems to me that your index finger isn’t stretched far out enough. you want to make sure that your middle finger is far enough away, and also are you using the momentum to get it over or are you just trying to swing it over? Because if your just swinging it over you cant control it as easy.
P.S. The whip is a great yoyo for string tricks so there’s no problem doing those tricks with that yoyo.

Hope this helped :wink:

Get the yoyo swinging and practice.