Split Bottom Mount

I can’t get the split bottom mount. My yoyo keeps on landing on my throw hand string. I try to use my thumb to hold the string back, but it won’t work. :-\

Try to keep the yoyo as close to your throwhand index finger as possible and keep that part of the string as close to your fingertip as you can.

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Great advice. The Split Bottom Mount is very hard to learn, but it is very important.

Try to aim left of the string you are trying to land on if you are right handed and aim right if you are left handed.

DYonch is right, its really hard to learn. Just keep practicing. If you want, you can separate the strings with your freehand, by holding the string that goes across the index finger with your whole hand instead, and pull them apart. i’ll post a picture soon

EDIT: Sorry man, i can’t get a good shot. Just remember, instead of holding the string with just one finger, try to hold it with your whole hand. This is only to get the feel of it. Once you have done this several times, slowly go to one finger.

my tip is push the string by your throwhand index finger (you are righty right?)…
then bingo!

Here is a helpful video:


Its actually really simple

This topic was done, but could you do Split Bottom Mount when you were a true beginner?

Its simple, but not easy for beginners. Its hard to learn, but easy to master.

Ya i could first try first day i got my yoyo i was doing trapeze double or nothing and whips

None of it has been simple for me, but I still love to yoyo. I remember the joy of finally landing Double or Nothing after much trying. Just because some other person learned Split Bottom Mount right away doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. It isn’t easy. It took me forever to hit. Just keep trying; don’t get discouraged. Mix it in with other throws that you feel comfortable with. I am working on One and a Half Mount right now, and I feel like I will never learn it, but you are inspiring me to keep trying because I remember how hard Split Bottom Mount was for me when I was first learning it. Remember, keep playing, have fun.

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When you push your pointer finger into the string, come more from the side----I had the same problem…
Hope I helped!

This is true and reading this made it seem like i was being rude and im sorry for that i just have things easy were i can learn a trick and get it down in a day or two depending on how hard they are. and just because some people have it easy doesnt mean that you suck or anything it means youll spend more time to master a trick, thats why Phiz is better than me.

This reminds me of how I started to yo-yo seriously. I couldn’t get my yo-yo to land in a trapeze for a good few days, no matter what I do. But I just kept practicing whenever I had free time. Then one day, BOOM! A trapeze! :o

Just keep at it. You’ll eventually get it the more you do the movements. Maybe practicing the hand and arm movements without the yo-yo will help. That’s what I did all the time.

wat i did was swing the yoyo out from me that way win it comes to you it wought like hit your finger
it help with me

p.s check out my new signture

After I got Double or Nothing down, and I went to work on Split the Atom, and the Split Bottom mount. The mount is is still tough for me sometimes, even after I’ve learned Split the Atom. Actually, Split Bottom mount is the hardest part of Split the Atom for me. Once I can land it, the rest is a breeze. Just keep working, and don’t give up. Just remember to HAVE FUN!

Whats funny is that split bottom is a 1 1/2 mount sideways

Not really. It’s more of a trapeze and brother.

Ya sorry i got them mixed up lol im not the best at the names of tricks, but yeah its exactly a TRAPEZE AND BROTHER for leftys or if your lefty its a TRAPEZE AND BROTHER for rightys.