help with mount

im having trouble with the basic over and under mounts from sleeper i run my finger down the string and the yoyo does a very short loop over my finger and usually either bounces off the string or races back to my non throw hand any advice would be appreciated

You might be keeping the string to taught try lowering your throw hand a littleā€¦hope it helps

pull vertically with your throw hand, before the yoyo gets to your non throw hand, pull the non throw hand horizontally

under -> I just go for the brain twister mount

thanks ill try that this is only my third day so i know patience will be a big factor

Yep. A lot of learning new stuff is about trial and error and just learning the correct motions through trial and error. Good luck!

sweet landed it a few times now im going to take a break on a good note

great, glad we could help !

practice definitely makes better