i cant land the end of the 1.5 side mount!?

I get the first part were you put it over your first finger on both hands, but when I try to land it on the string, I never can! It goes to far to the outside and I miss every flippin time!!! ??? Its so annoying! The only tricks I know are on the 1.5 mount so when I do the I have to stand to the side for it to look better, and those feel more like beginner tricks… So yeah, ill make another post about me not being able to land double or nothing… I can’t land a lot of mounts :wink: lol, ill keep tryin

Try pausing after you’ve got the string over the fingers on both hands. Have a look at where the strings are on your finger. I find that to land 1.5 mounts consistently, the loop going around your non-throwhand finger should be near the base of your finger and the string hanging over the top of your throwhand finger should be closer to the tip. This should allow the yoyo to hit the string as it swings across. Two other little tips I can provide:

  1. Do not put your hands too close together as the string crosses over both fingers. This works the same way as a regular trapeze in that closer hands means longer distance between yoyo and finger which, in turn, makes controlling where it’s going to go a little bit trickier.

  2. Don’t forget to bring your hands together just a little bit at the final step when the yoyo is swinging up into the string into the mount. You’ll need that little bit of slack so the yoyo swings around your finger instead of just bouncing off.

Good luck!


Or the cheater method: on a double or nothing, move the string on your right hand to your left hand.