i cant land a double or nothing!

I’ve been trying to land a double ot nothing and just can’t :-[ it sucks because I really want to know it and I swing it to far to the outside or the yo-yo lands in 2 strings instead of the one farthest away from me. Do you have any tips? I feel like when I do it all in one shot I get it more often than breaking it up into parts, do you have any tips? Thanks

Well the issue that you are experiencing is that your strings are not spaced out properly. If this is your problem, either readjust so that when the yoyo goes around the first time, slide the string all the way to the base of your finger. The other option is to learn the Houdini Mount first, which is easier to land without worrying about string spacing.

Heres a tutorial for Houdini mount is here

Try using your thumb to pull the string out of the way.
Also aim the rim of the yoyo closest to you at the string, like try to hit the string with only that half.
get used to letting the string slide around your fingers so you can adjust where the yoyo lands, then try to land it closer to your non-throw hand.
Your at the spot where you are learning the fundamental tricks and it will be a bit of play hours before you are good at them.

Learn the first part of Yuuki slack.