Double or Nothing

Ok, so I have performed all easy, intermediate and even some advanced tricks but still have trouble with double or nothing. My problem is I either land on multiple strings, land on the wrong string or land on the string and hit my non-throw hand finger. Any tips on landing it properly will be greatly appreciated.

You could try to put more distance between the strings nearer to you and the string that you want to land on, then gradually reduce the distance as you get better.That was how I learned it, hope this helps.

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the only advice i can give is just slide the first loop on you offhand to the back of the finger so you have more space to wrap the string around a second time and land on it

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These are both great answers. Overall, it just takes practice. Keep working on it.
You could also try to go nice and slow.

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I’m new to yoyo myself, but:

Try to get the string to warp around close to where your fingers join your hands. This puts more distance between the strings and decreases the likelihood of landing on two strings. It also means that tricks like rewind are easier.

Be slow, think about what you are doing.

Try finding a comfortable distance to keep your hands at, so it’s nice and easy to hold the double or nothing up.

As numerous people have said though, it’s practice which is ultimately going to help you land it every time. :slight_smile:

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Dude, you double quoted an answer, LOL.

Anyway, to answer your question, I would (if I were you) get to the point in the trick right before you land the yoyo on the string (when the yoyo has gone around your NTH and TH pointers), and stop. Then slowly try to land it on the string you are supposed to.

Just keep practicing and you will get it soon!

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here are a handful of different tutorials as watching more then one or two always helps me.

as said before just keep practicing and you will get to the point where you land it more times then you don’t.

Mike Montgomtery

Sam’s tutorial


i wont post André’s as i am sure you’ve watched it.

keep watching the different videos and keep practicing you’ll get it!

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+'m having the same problem too. I already knew to keep distance between each wrap but still, knowing and executing it is two different matter

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try houdini mount, which wraps over ur thumb first before goin to land a trapeze on ur non throwhand, similar to double or nothing.

practice makes perfect, even though i finished all the tricks at YYE now, im not landing a 100% double or nothing, still will miss a lil sometimes, can say a 98% accuracy.

btw, the trick here is that, when the yoyo comes over your non-throwhand and then throw hand, slide ur non-throwhand finger a lil closer to inside so u have some space to land the trapeze, or, place ur finger backwards a lil.

That will help, just, need MORE practice.

There are different kinds of way to solve the prob, find the best that suites you most, make sure its not goin to be a bad habit (something that goes against the actual way of doing double or nothing) or else u will suffer a lil when comes to higher level tricks. GLHF :smiley:

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Thank you all! I really appreciate all the help and have successfully done the trick.