Double or Nothing

(YoYoBlaze) #1

I’m new to Yo-Yo’s and i’m trying to get the hang of Double or NOthing. Can yo give me any helpful hints to make it easier or to just help the process?

(JonasK) #2

I spent about 2-5 days on this trick. You might end up doing the same thing. It’s really just practice.

And make sure the string is spaced out pretty well.


Make the first wrap at the base of your nonthrowhand finger, and the second closer to the tip. If you need to stop the yoyo as it goes around your throwhand, that is fine and should help get the hang of it.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #4

Make sure the strings are spaced out well as pheenix said.


What specific thing are you having difficulties with?


I had problems with this trick beginning too. A major problem I had was that I always landed it on two strings. I fixed this by landing the first loop around my nonthrowhand pointer as close to the base of the fnger as possible, then slightly pulling the string it towards my body with my nonthrowhand thumb, to make sure it was out of the way when the yoyo shot around my nonthrowhand pointer the second time.

Also, just practicing the move for 10-20 minutes a day will help you improve a lot faster.


It helped me to learn Houdini Mount first.


when ur landind the yoyo on the final string make sure that the yoyo is near ur throw hand pointer finger so u will land it on the right string


Also, first time you land it, measure it out visually to determine how far apart your hangs need to be to land safely in the middle of the front string, and shoot for that distance apart from then on.