Double or nothing help

when i was doing it i was landing it wrong and i was landing it on top of all the strings can you help me ::slight_smile: tanks

When you do it, try to do the first time over your fingers to the back of your fingers and when you come around to land on the string, have the yoyo come over towards the front of your finger.

thanks bro i will try it ::slight_smile:

Learn houdini mount first. Makes everything a bit easier.

He is right. I also have that problem sometimes and its just from me not haveing my fingers parallel to each other. My nonthrow hand index points inwards causeing the yo to come around more towards my body and land on multible strings. I find that practicing the huddini mount helped alot too.

When you swing the yoyo the first time around, use your non-throwhand thumb to pull the string towards you. Then there will be more room for the string on your non-throwhand pointer to pull of the trapeze.

This is really weird, but I find the first part of yuuki slack a little easier and it looks cooler. Watch the tutorial.

What does that have to do with learning double or nothing?