1.5 mount

I need help with the 1 1/2 mount. i can’t get the yoyo to hit the string. it keeps missing and just wrapping around my finnger. any tips?


lol this is really bad advice, but just practice. That’s all thats gonna help you. You also might wanna have your left hand higher than your right hand, it will help it go into the string.

Relax when you are going into it. If you keep the string really tight, the yoyo will just bounce off it. So try to keep the string a bit loose the moment the yoyo his hitting it.

Did you try stopping before you were to hit the string?
Right before you try to hit the string try slowing it down or stopping the yoyo, there just flip the yoyo onto the string.
Hope this helped :slight_smile:

That is good advice when he first starts learning it. But he needs to learn how to do it right so his tricks will look smoother.


When the yoyo comes around right before it hits the string, raise your freehand upwards. This helps it slide in. Also, keep your eye on the yoyo. I know that sounds really silly, but watching it very closely seems to help the accuracy.

When you first start turn so the yoyo is in front of you and not to the side. It should be easier that way. Then as you hit it more and more try doing it sideways and you should get it. Remember, dont have your fingers keep the string tight or it will bounce off

Turn it so it’s in front? Like a sleeper? I’m sure it’s easier to hit that way because you can see the string going into the gap but doing it forwards and sideways are completely different and practicing it forwards won’t help.
Sorry if that sounds harsh or mean, it isn’t meant to be.

Well I understand your thinking but it sure did help me :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to swing back and forth to build momentum, then swing the yoyo. Try not to move your finger too much, or a miss is made. You can try to get into it from a trapeze: Go into trapeze, spread the top string into a triangle, swing the yoyo against the top of it.

Yes. To start out and do tricks with 1.5 (even though I really couldn’t get into it) I did this. It helps you get a feel for the whole thing. It is the same thing as the second part of White Buddha so go watch that video and work on that part. Eventually you can get the feel for 1.5 and can start getting into the regular way.

I had the same exact problem. Now, I stop before I do it. Stall it, aim, and… FIRE!!! Not really, just hit the string. ;D You’ll get it at some point. Just me trying to learn Superman. Never will happen.

lol i can do the beginning part of White Buddha